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Distance Sales Contract

  • 1. PARTIES

This Contract has been signed by the following parties under the following terms and conditions.

  • B. ‘BUYER’; (hereinafter referred to as “BUYER”)

  • S. ‘SELLER’; (hereinafter referred to as “SELLER”)

  • FULL NAME: …….

  • ADDRESS:………

By agreeing to this Contract, the BUYER agrees in advance that in case they confirm the contractual order, they will be under the obligation to pay the price of the order and, if any, additional charges such as shipping fee, tax, etc., and that they have been informed on the matter.


For the explanation and interpretation of this contract, the following terms shall mean the descriptions corresponding to them.

  • MINISTER: Minister of Customs and Trade

  • MINISTRY: Ministry of Customs and Trade

  • LAW: Consumer Protection Law No. 6502

  • REGULATION: Regulation on Distance Sales Contracts (RG: 27.11.2014/29188) 27.11.2014 / 29188)

  • SERVICE: The subject of any consumer transaction, other than providing goods, that are made or committed to be made in return for a fee or benefit;

  • SELLER: A person who offers goods to consumers under his/her commercial or professional activities or a company that acts on his/her behalf or account;

  • BUYER: A natural or legal person who acquires, uses, or makes use of goods or services for non-commercial or non-professional purposes;

  • WEBSITE: SELLER’s website

  • ORDERING PARTY: A natural or legal person ordering goods or services through the website of the SELLER;

  • PARTIES: Refer to the SELLER and the BUYER;

  • CONTRACT: Refers to this contract concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER;

  • GOODS: Refer to the movable goods subject to shopping, and software, sound, image and similar intangible goods intended for use in an electronic environment.

  • 3. SUBJECT

  • This Contract governs the rights and obligations of the parties pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and Regulation of Distance Selling Contracts regarding the sale and delivery of the products that have the following qualifications and sales prices and which the BUYER purchases electronically on the website of the SELLER: aromarozaacademy.com

  • The prices listed and posted on the website are the sales prices. The posted prices are valid until they are updated or changed. The prices announced for a limited period are valid until the end of the specified period.


  • Title: Aroma Roza LTD




  • Phone: 5419170927 5419170927

  • Email: merhaba@aromarozaacademy.com


  • Recipient’s Name

  • Delivery Address

  • Phone

  • Email address/user name


  • Name/Last Name/Title

  • Address:

  • Phone:

  • Email:


  • The basic characteristics (type, quantity, brand/model, colour, pcs.) of the goods, products and/or services are posted on the website of the SELLER. If and when there is a campaign organized by the SELLER, you may view the basic properties of the relevant product during the campaign. This is valid until the expiration date of the campaign.

  • The prices listed and posted on the website are the sales prices. The posted prices are valid until they are updated or changed. The prices announced for a limited period are valid until the end of the specified period.

  • Sales price of each contractual good or service, including all taxes, is shown on the page of that product/service.

  • The shipping fee of the product, if any, shall be paid by the BUYER.


  • Name/Last Name/Title

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Email address/user name

  • Invoice delivery: The invoice will be delivered as an e-invoice within seven days after the order.


a) The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that they have read and understood the preliminary information regarding the basic properties of the contractual products, the sales prices, payment methods and the delivery on the website of the SELLER and that they confirmed electronically. By confirming the preliminary information electronically, the BUYER also accepts, declares and undertakes that the BUYER received the information that must be provided by the SELLER before the execution of the distance selling contract regarding the address, properties and sales prices of the products, payment and delivery methods, fully and accurately.

b) Each contractual products shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the BUYER within the period specified in the preliminary information section on the website. Delivery period may vary depending on the distance of the BUYER’s location, however, it shall not exceed the legal period of 30 days. In case the product is not delivered to the BUYER within this period, the BUYER reserves the right to terminate the contract.

c) The SELLER shall:- deliver the contractual product in full, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and together with the warranty documents, user manuals and any other information and documents needed to operate or use the product; – execute the contract in accordance with the provisions of the legal legislation and standards and free of any defect based the principle of honesty; -maintain and improve the quality of business, and show the necessary attention and care during the performance of the contract and to act with prudence and foresight.

d) In case the SELLER fails to execute their obligations under the contract due to fact that delivery of the product or service has become impossible, the SELLER accepts, declares and undertakes to promptly inform the BUYER in writing and to refund the total price of the products to the BUYER within 14 days.

e) The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes to confirm this Contract electronically, and in case the payment for the contractual product is not done and/or cancelled in the bank records for any reason, the delivery obligation of the SELLER shall end.

f) If, after the delivery of the contractual products to the BUYER or person and/or organization at the address provided by the BUYER, the payment for the contractual product has been cancelled by the bank and/or financial organization due to unauthorized use of the BUYER’s credit card, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes to return the contractual product to the SELLER within 3 days at the SELLER’s cost.

g) The BUYER shall inspect the contractual goods/service before receiving it and shall not receive it from the cargo company if they are crushed, broken, damaged, with torn packaging, etc. Once delivered, goods/services will be deemed undamaged and intact. The obligation to maintain the product/service after delivery belongs to the BUYER. The goods/services should not be used if the right of withdrawal is going to be used. The invoice must be returned.

h) If the BUYER and the holder of the credit card used for payment are not the same person or if a security risk is identified regarding the credit card used for the order and before delivery, the SELLER may request the BUYER to provide the identity and contact information of the card holder, or credit card statement of previous month or a letter from the credit card holder’s bank authorizing the BUYER to use the credit card. The fulfilment of the order shall be suspended until the BUYER provides the requested information/documents, and if they are not provided within 24 hours, the SELLER shall have the right to cancel the order.

i) The BUYER declares and undertakes that personal and other information provided when signing up to the website of the SELLER are true and accurate and that the BUYER shall promptly compensate all damages incurred by the SELLER due to inaccurate information, upon the first demand of the SELLER.

g) The BUYER declares and undertakes in advance to comply with the provisions of all applicable laws and regulations and to not violate them when using the SELLER’s website: aromarozaacademy.com. Otherwise, the BUYER shall be bound, solely and exclusively, by all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise.

k) The BUYER may not use the SELLER’s website in a way that disrupts public order, violates morality, disturbs and harasses others, or for illegal purposes, infringing on the material and moral rights of others. In addition, the member/Buyer shall not engage in activities (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services.

l) The SELLER’s website may contain links to other websites and/or contents that are outside of the SELLER’s control or belong to and/or operated by third parties. These links are provided for ease of orientation to the BUYER and do not support any website or the person operating the site and do not constitute any guarantee for the information contained in the linked website.

m) The member who violates one or more of the provisions of this contract shall legally and criminally be liable for such violation and will keep the SELLER free from any legal and criminal consequences of these violations. In addition, if the case is taken to court due to such violation, the SELLER reserves the right to claim damages from the member for the violation of the membership agreement.

n) The SELLER has the right to contact the BUYER for communication, marketing and/or notification purposes via mail, email, home/business or mobile phones, or other contact information provided and/or updated later by the BUYER on the registration form. By confirming this contract, the BUYER acknowledges and agrees that the SELLER may contact him/her through above-mentioned means.


If the distance contract is about the sale of goods, the BUYER may exercise the right to withdraw by refusing the product without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification within 14 days of the delivery, provided that the BUYER must notify the SELLER of such action within the specified period. With distance contracts for service provision, this period starts as of the date on which the contract was executed. With service contracts which have been commenced before the expiration of the right to withdraw period, the right to withdraw may not be exercised. The costs resulting from the use of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the SELLER. By agreeing to this contract, the BUYER acknowledge in advance that he has been informed about the right of withdrawal.


Pursuant to the relevant regulation, the goods prepared per request or the needs of the BUYER are not suitable to be returned, promptly performed services in an electronic environment (e.g., online training/education, workshops, and/or consultancy services), or intangible goods immediately delivered to the consumer, and audio and visual records, books, digital contents, software, data recording/storage devices may not be returned if their packaging were opened by the BUYER or if the BUYER starts using the service by starting the course for example. In addition, the right to withdraw may not be exercised regarding any services that have been commenced upon the demand of the BUYER before the expiration of the right of withdrawal.


The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that if the payments made by credit card are in default, the BUYER shall pay interest as specified under the credit card agreement with the issuer bank and be liable to the bank. In this case, the relevant bank may claim legal remedies including any costs and lawyer’s fees thereof; and if the BUYER goes into default due to such debt, the BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes to pay any loss and/or damage incurred by the SELLER due to delay in performance of the debt.


Complaints and objections in disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be made to the arbitration board or the consumer court in the consumer’s location or where the consumer transaction is made. This Contract is executed for commercial purposes.


When the BUYER makes the payment for the order placed on the Site, he/she shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract. The SELLER must make the necessary software arrangements to obtain confirmation that this contract has been read and accepted by the BUYER before the order is fulfilled.