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Certifying Natural Skin Care Product

Certifying Skin Care Products:

Since the Academy focuses exclusively on natural skin care formulation, it is important to clarify what is meant by this description: Natural!. Therefore, we will dedicate couple of blogs to discuss natural products, what they mean and how to ensure the accuracy of such description.

In a previous article, we covered the difference between natural and synthetic products and the different approaches to natural products.

The topic of this blog is about certifying that a product is really natural.

Have you ever bought a skin care product stating on its packaging that it is natural, and wondered about the guarantee that it is really natural?

During the past years, natural skin products have become really popular and their consumption has increased dramatically around the world with the growing awareness of the importance of limiting the use of synthetic products which may have a negative impact in varying degrees on health and the environment as well. However, with the absence of an official definition from authorities to set the criteria for using the term “natural product”, the market of natural products became without controls to govern it. As such, the need for clear standards has emerged to ensure that such products are actually of natural ingredients.


For this purpose, many independent organizations have been established to approve and document natural products, emphasizing the source of their ingredients and set principles and conditions for this. In addition, some of the organizations issue certification of organic products, which requires that the natural ingredients used have been organically produced without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers or genetic engineering.

Once the product is certified by the concerned organization, the manufacturer has the right to place the organization’s relevant logo on the package, the consumer then is able to know that the product is certified as natural or organic or both. 


Conclusion: Simply writing the word “natural” on the package does not assert that the product is truly natural, which is due to the fact that this description is not protected in most legislations, so anyone can use it. However, the presence of a logo or seal of a certifying body or organization to certify that this product is natural is the guarantee that the standards of that organization to approve this description have been met in this product.


Among the most important organizations which certify skin care products and are trusted by many consumers around the world are the following:


1- EcoCert

It is an independent French certifying body with special standards for organic personal care products and natural cosmetics.

To learn more about product and raw ingredients certification in this organization or to know the standards it applies, check the official website of the organization:




 It is an independent global non-profit organization to certify natural and organic beauty products. It was established as a single entity that brings together these bodies ((BDIH – Germany, Cosmebio – France, EcoCert – France, ICEA – Italy and the Soil Association – UK) in order to unify natural certification standards around the world which aims at consumer safety, ensuring product quality and protecting the environment.

You can read more in the official website of the organization, which provides all information on accreditation and requirements to obtain it: 



3 – BDIH

BDIH ( Association of Industries and Trading Firms) is one of the first organizations to adopt natural products. In 1996 it developed a set of guidelines and standards on the basis of which the product is certified as natural. These standards are strict and binding on manufacturers to use quality ingredients with precise specifications.

For more information about the certifying criteria, you may visit this link:



4- Soil Association

It is an independent English certification body for various organic products includıng food, textiles, personal care products and other items related to human health and environmental safety. More about this organization on its official website 



January 24, 2021

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